Introduction to Buteyko Restorative Breathing

LaCombe                                                                                        Next booked Introduction to Buteyko Restorative Breathing   Sept 26 Wednesday from 7pm - 9pm                            Healthfitters 5015 50th Ave                                                                please call 403-786-9688 to secure your spot

Olds                                                                                                       The next Introduction to Buteyko Restorative Breathing in Olds Alberta will be in November                                           Please contact                                                                          HealthStreet Wellness                                                                        6700 46 St, Olds                                                                                   at 403-5-7-4488 for more information

Calgary                                                                                                  Next booked Introduction to Buteyko Restorative Breathing 

Oct 16th Tuesday from 7pm - 9pm                                                  Lymph Balance Center Teaching room                                           707 12100 Macleod Trail SE                                                               please call 403-472-3100 to secure your spot

Aug 20 Monday from 7pm - 9pm                                                     Lymph Balance Center teaching room                                      707 12100 Macleod Trail SE                                                               please call 403-472-3100 to secure your spot

July 24 Tuesday from 7pm - 9pm                                                      Lymph Balance Center teaching room                                      707 12100 McLeod Trail SE                                                          please call 403-472-3100 to secure your spot

July 22 Sunday    4pm - 9pm                                                              from 5pm-7pm -   Intro to Buteyko Restorative Breathing        from 7pm - 9pm BBQ                                                                         BBW private team meeting and BBQ 

June 5th from 7pm - 9pm                                                                   Bay 4 1420 40Ave NE Calgary

BreathWay has been doing this introduction all over Southern Alberta - Lacombe, Olds, Calagary, Cochrane, Okotoks, High River and even Lethbridge and Edmonton (this fall).  We are willing to go where you are to present to your people. 

Call Lorraine for more information at  403-605-9216 to book your Introduction to Buteyko Restorative Breathing

The Introduction presentation is a prerequisite for taking the classes so you have a good understanding of what Breathing does in your body and will be able to make an educated decision as to taking the classes.  At this presentation you will come away with life changing information.

Adult Classes

All of these classes are taught in small groups of no more than 12 people and consist of a series of 5, two hour classes.  This size class enables sharing of information, experiences, support and individual attention.  Attendees receive an extensive training manual and twelve months support by email or phone to ensure they become proficient in application.

We are offering the series of 5 classes for the price of $500.00

Calgary Adult Classes

Scheduled                                                                  Adult Restorative Breathing Classes 

Nov 6 Tuesday - starting 7pm - 9pm                                  running consecutive Tuesdays for the next 4 weeks          Lymph Balance Center teaching room                                      707 12100 Macleod Trail SE                                                              Open to the public until class fills up                                   please call Lorraine 403-605-9216 to register

Sept 11 Tuesday - starting 7pm - 9pm                               running consecutive Tuesdays for the next 4 weeks          Lymph Balance Center teaching room                                      707 12100 Macleod Trail SE                                                             Open to the public until class fills up                                   please call Lorraine 403-605-9216 to register

Aug 1 Wednesday - starting 7pm -9pm                             running consecutive for the next 4 weeks                                      BBW private group Adult classes

Adult Classes are running regularly in Calgary for more information please call  Lorraine at 403-605-9216

Private individual Adult classes are also available

We now have classes running in Olds and Okotoks - call Lorraine at 403-605-9216 for more information on the dates and times

Olds Alberta Classes      

Adult Classes starting again in Sept 2018                                    starting Monday Sept 17th 6:30pm - 8:30pm                          and running for the next 2 Mondays                                          No class Monday Oct 8th due to Thanksgiving                          Continuing for the next 2 Mondays                                              at the Olds Public Library                                                                 5217 52 St Olds Alberta

Saturday May 26 21st 1:00p m  - 3:00 pm                                    Adult Restorative Breathing Classes                                              Olds Recreation Center                                                                  5205-52 Street,  Olds Alberta

These are just some of the classes available, please call 403-605-9216 to find out more.

Children classes

Children's (11 years and younger)taught in a series of 10 classes with each class  45 minutes long and are usually once a month.  These classes can be taught in groups or privately.

Prerequisite                                                                              Parent or guardian must attend an Intro to Buteyko Restorative Breathing Presentation or they have gone through the adult classes themselves so they have a good understanding of what is going on with their child's growth and development, breathing and health.  Also one parent or guardian must attend all classes with their child. 

Please call 403-605-9216 for more information on the Children's classes and fees.


From Health Fitters in Lacombe Alberta                   March 13,2018 - photos above black and white

"To say that Lorraine Clifford’s Intro to Buteyko Breathing class was an incredible eye-opening
experience would be an understatement. So much so, that 12 out of 14 people in attendance
enrolled in her 5 week Breath Retraining Program! It will be held here at Healthfitters each Tuesday
from April 3 to May 1st. Lorraine truly blew us away with what she shared and the impact that our
breathing has on our overall health. What specifically jumped out at me was the impact on children
and their behaviours. We are soooo excited to be hosting her 5 week series of Buteyko Breathing
classes and cannot wait for them to start!"

Colored photo was group in Lacombe after the last class - Below is the wright up from HealthFitters,May 1, 2018

"You’re lookin’ at the “graduating class” of the 5 week Buteyko Breath Retraining Course which just wrapped up last night! (Minus one who was absent and another who was just camera shy). What a great bunch! By the end of the course, the students reported benefits like more restful sleep, reduced allergy symptoms, clearer sinuses, reduced throat clearing, improved energy, fewer aches and pains, and an overall sense of calmness. But let me just single out one person in the group. See that white-haired guy? That’s my 83 year old Dad who has♥️ disease and COPD. Dad sat behind me in the classes and his breathing was VERY audible during the first four classes. But by the last class, I couldn’t hear him breathing at all! But that’s not all. Dad has already had a heart attack and has chest pains when he tries to exercise. After the 5 week course, he was able to quadruple the duration of his exercise without chest pain. AND he said last night that he can CONTROL the chest pain by using Buteyko breathing techniques! Awesome or what?!!!#nowthatsprogress Healthfitters would like to thank our amazing instructor, Lorraine Clifford who drove all the way from Calgary once a week to teach the classes. Lorraine is a Registered Buteyko Breathing Educator and is one of the most kind, patient, and generous humans on the planet. Lorraine’s practice is called Breathway. Find her on Instagram and Facebook and give her a follow! She is working on an online course, so watch for it! "

"I have been spreading the word about how much the Buteyko course has helped me with getting a better quality of sleep. I wake up much more refreshed than in the past. No C-PAP!  AND, I have now lost almost 20 lbs. So...yippee!”  
L. R.

"At a restaurant, I was able to stop a full-on allergic reaction by doing the breathing exercises. Nobody at the table even knew what was happening. What a gift!"        M. B.

Dental appointments, even for cleaning, made my daughter very anxious. Now she focuses on her breathing to relax in the chair and all goes well. Although it is early to tell, we think the formation of her jaw is such that she won't need orthodontic work. Yesssss!"                                                                                       D.S

This was the best money I ever spent on a course, snoring gone and everyone in the house is sleeping better.                                                                                           G. L.

“I was very skeptical about this course but after two classes, I noticed an improvement. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and already my energy levels had improved. But the turning point for me was the fourth day, taking a walk -- no more huffing and puffing!”                                     C. K.